Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why the Amazon A-Z Guarantee is useless for sellers...

I've sold about 50 items over the last year on amazon using their marketplace feature. All in all it has been a pretty good experience. Buyers seem to pay a pretty good rate for CDs on there.

However, I have a couple of big reservations which I is why I have decided to stop using it.

1. Their fees are very high and they even charge fees on the postage they charge the seller!

2. The Amazon A-Z Guarantee seems useless for sellers. As I've mentioned... I've sold over 50 items, but a couple of weeks ago I had a complaint. One of my buyers had not recieved their item. Now, whether he was telling the truth or not is another matter, but a 1 in 50 hit rate using royal mail isn't bad.
Therefore I got the buyer to launch a claim with the A-Z Guarantee that I thought was there to protect buyers and sellers from this. It turns out that sellers have no protection. I got an automated response telling me that I was responsible and I had to refund the money.

So, the massive fees paid to amazon to facilitate the transactions do not cover you at all for any loss by the post office, even though they barely charge buyers enough to cover 2nd class postage of the item.

What I'd like to know is why Amazon give the impression that the A-Z Guarantee is worth something to sellers when clearly its not!

Looks like this guy had the same problem: http://www.complaints.com/directory/2005/february/20/15.htm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind about the A-Z Guarantee, Amazon are useless per se.
No proper replies to any enquiries, arrogant and high handed.
Use with caution!

6:01 am  
Blogger Dassaro Imaging said...

Seller's need to dump Amazon. This is why: http://blog.dassaro.com/2011/08/24/amazon-seller-nightmare-part-i/

A $1,500 Nikon Lens!

7:58 pm  
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