Monday, May 04, 2009

Upgrading a Philips Showline 9350i from Vista to Windows 7 RC

A little while ago I wrote about upgrading my Philips media centre to Vista. Microsoft have just released Windows 7 RC and the media centre was starting to need a reboot more and more so I thought I'd try the upgrade. I've been using Windows 7 beta at work for a while and find it much faster and better to use than Vista.

To my surprise, I chucked the Windows 7 RC x86 DVD in the box, ran the upgrade and an hour later I have a fully functioning Windows 7 media center! It transferred all of my settings and recordings etc... and plays back all my movies, TV progs etc perfectly. The new media center interface looks much nicer than the Vista one.

I'll update the blog when I've used it a bit more but am very happy so far....

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